Splash Parks

All Aquatics & Kids Playgrounds, LLC offers professional consulting, designing, and installation of our high-quality Splash Park equipment. Our many years of knowledge and experience are leading the way to creative and attractive designs that will engage children and adults alike for hours, promoting social interaction and intuitive discovery. Our design styles inspire a child’s imagination and creativity.


Splash Parks have become very popular with Cities, Communities, Daycare, and Resorts because there is no risk of drowning, and they're even more affordable than a pool with no lifeguard staffing requirements.

Splash pads are accessible to all levels of ability and enjoyed by both young and old. Our Splash Parks provide water-based activities and areas to improve hand and eye motor skills, and physical and social development through interactive water play.

Splash Parks are designed to meet the needs of a broad range of users. Our designs keep in mind age-appropriate play areas grouping the higher volume sprays and dumping elements for family or teens, gentle non-intimidating sprays and misting for toddlers, and transitional areas for people of all ages.

Splash Parks accommodate inclusive play for people of different abilities, as well as being a cross-generation attraction. They provide fun, safe, irresistible magnet for kids to cool off in our Texas heat.

Here’s a starting place with some design renderings of splash parks to help with ideals.

Sample Parks

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