Themed Water Slides

All Aquatics & Kids Playgrounds is proud to offer truly remarkable handcrafted fiberglass theme slides to add excitement for kids at your pool or aquatic facility.   They will set your community pool, aquatic facility, or city pool above all the rest.  With easy water hookup and installation, these slides are built to last and are inexpensive to maintain.

The slides are proportioned and safe for young children and designed for rigorous use.  Features include all-fiberglass construction, non-slip surface on the steps, stainless steel anchoring systems, and concentric bolt patterns.  Turn any pool into a magical place to attract and captivate children. Themed water slides are available in a variety of colors and can turn any pool into a truly unique experience.

Quote Gallery

Pirate Ship
22'9" Length

Rock Crawl Thru

Willie the Whale
17' 4" L x 9'6" H

Rock Look Tot Slide
13' L x 5'4 W or 8' W

Sailfish Slide

Seal Slide
11' L x 9'8" H

Shark Head Slide
10' L x 9'H

Small Basic Slide

Small Turtle Slide
11' 6" L x 3' H

Special Curved Slide
7' L x 4'4"H

Stump Slide

Swan Slide
6' L x 5' H

Tiger Slide

Train Slide

Rock Look Slide

Triple Dolphin Slide

Tropical Fish Slide

Tug Boat Slide

Viking Ship Slide

Volcano Slide

Wild Cat Slide

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